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Corio Jotters

Re-fillable notebook jotters

Paper size205 x 165mm (8” x 6½”)

Personalisation option available

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    Having a refillable leather Toddtote jotter for your  journal, diary, sketching, travel-log or note-taking purposes is not only a great way to save resources, but it will also provide a robust, hard wearing cover that will delight you each time you  use it or pick it up.  Over time the leather will develop its own familiar and comforting feel and patina, based on how and where you've use it.

    These covers will make an delightfully unique gift and are designed for many purposes. They can be personalised or customised, using our antique bookbinding letter punches, with whatever words you want to say.  The regular price for a personalised jotter is for max. 15 letters - for more letters than this please email for the price.

    Made from a range of top quality Tuscan leather this design can be customised & personalised to suit many preferences, including those examples shown below.

    Available with an outer cover in Black or Chestnut leather, with clasps in Red, Green, Blue, Tan, Chestnut, Flack, Fuchia or Oxblood.